Private Golf Lessons feature our state-of-the-art “On-Range Video Studio” with Swing View Pro golf training software, Accusport Vector and ES14 launch monitor for flight data, and SwingByte 2 for impact analysis.

All private lessons are one hour long and taught in our on-range video studio with Swing View Pro Computer training software. Also includes a Student CD with swings, notes and practice assignments. Lesson are typically scheduled 1-2 weeks apart and are available in individually or in packages of 3, 5 or 10.

What to expect during your first private golf lesson in the On-Range Video Studio:

  • Complete Student Profile Form to get background information on you and the status of your game.
  • Warm up, then hit a series of shots with a mid-iron (6 or 7 iron) which are recorded from both front and down the line cameras.
  • Critique your swing with the instructor using the Swing View Pro golf training software to determine a swing baseline to start. It is important to understand corrections that need to be made as well as what to leave alone.
  • Begin making corrections and understanding how they will affect the swing and ball flight.
  • Use drills and training aids to reinforce changes.
  • Receive a student CD with swings, notes and practice assignments to review between lessons.
  • Lessons are scheduled approximately 2 weeks apart to give you ample time to work on the swing change.
  • We stress that all students are able to assess their ball flight and know in their own swing what corrections or adjustments need to be made.
  • Additional drills and instructional videos can be found on
  • Lessons may be purchased individually or in series of 3, 5 or 10 blocks.
  • Parallel Training… as the swing becomes more consistent, short game, putting and scoring techniques are introduced to help narrow the gap between and good round and a bad one.
  • “On Range Studio” Computer Swing Analysis
    • Our On Range Video Studio and Teaching Facility is located on the tee line at Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park. The On Range Video Studio provides the following for a comprehensive golf swing analysis:
      • Student’s golf swing is filmed and digitized through our Swing View Pro computer program and shown on a 40” Flat Screen Monitor
      • The split screen permits the instructor to show comparisons of the student’s swing with PGA and LPGA Tour Professionals
      • Graphics are utilized with drawing capabilities to illustrate golf swing errors
      • The student receives a personalized CD of their swing along with a student version of the Swing View Pro computer program. Also included are notes from the instructor with a list of practice assignments.
      • “Swing Watch Live” allows students to view rehearsal swings on a floor monitor.