The Chuck Will Golf Academy offers comprehensive learning programs for all skill levels, from novice to low handicapper. All your custom club fitting and equipment needs are available through the Chuck Will Golf Academy Golf Shop and it’s staff of Certified Club Fitting Professionals!

Chuck Will has been recognized as one of America’s Top Golf Instructors and Club Fitting Professionals by PGA of America and Golf Range Magazine! He specializes in the body-swing connection, combined with computerized video swing analysis.

Chuck Will Golf Academy Pros


  • State-of-the-Art On Range Studio with Video Swing Analysis
  • Lighted, Heated Tees with first quality mats and balls
  • 23 Automatic Power Tee Stations – the only golf range in the metro DC area to feature this leading automatic teeing system!
  • Private & Group Lessons and Camps
  • Putting & Short Game improvement
  • On Course Playing Lessons
  • Corporate & Private Clinics
  • Golf Physical & Flexibility Screening
  • Custom Clubs and Merchandise in our Chuck Will Golf Academy Golf Shop


We strongly believe that all golfers, given the right combination of swing fundamentals for them, are capable of significant improvement regardless of age, skill level or physical limitations. We uses a combination of computerized video swing analysis, golf assessment, flexibility screening and club path analyzer data to gather the necessary information required to determine the swing type best suited for our students. By finding a golfer’s best “Swing Type,” we can help them make the appropriate changes for success without completely overhauling their old swing. As a result, golfers can see immediate improvement by adjusting their swing and minimizing errors. Students also gain a greater understanding of what their own “tendencies” or “poor swing habits” are and how to correct and avoid them.

By combining “Swing View Pro” computer-assisted software with teaching aids and practice drills, we help our students learn the new swing changes. Our On-Range Indoor to Outdoor Video Studio provides the most comprehensive way to show the student the cause and effect a particular swing flaw can have on the overall golf swing and outcome of the shot. We maintain an extensive digital library of PGA Tour Professionals that are used for comparison and to demonstrate the fundamental “common denominators” of all world-class players.

Our on-course playing lessons, physical conditioning and guidance on the mental aspects of the game compliment our instructional program, allowing students to reach a new level of success and greatly achieve their full potential.


I have taken lessons from several golf instructors without real gains in my golf game. With Chuck, I really understood the swing. It made sense and my golf game and my confidence have improved significantly. I’ll never be a “Tiger Woods”, but I can now hold my own with my golfing friends

Bruce Taylor

I have seen great progress after I attended your program. Also, my golf game is continuing to improve!

Nirand Anunthanakul

Chuck is one of those rare teachers whose teaching style accommodates both the beginning and advance student, allowing each to progress rapidly through practical instruction and simple drills that train both mind and body

Dave Corboy

Chuck gave me the one or two swing keys that have really improved my game. I recommend him highly!

Steve Upton

Chuck is able to quickly and clearly detect the student’s fault(s) and then offer up just as quickly the solution(s) to fix the fault(s) – Not an easy thing to do.

Keith Stafford

A true teaching pro and master of swing diagnostics. Excellent facilities complement the lessons. Golf is fun again!

Ron Thomas

Chuck has lifted my game to a new level and shaved 10 strokes off my handicap and I thank you!

Errol Younger

Your ability to help me correct the things I was doing wrong in my swing was remarkable. Thanks for making golf fun again!

Joan Hughes

Working with Chuck has been the best choice I could have made for my golf game. He is an excellent teacher and a great friend. I look forward to having him as my coach for years to come.

Ben Yamagata

Chuck has assembled state-of-the-art hardware, software and cameras that are used to provide a unique golf instructional experience. The students have the opportunity to review their complete golf swings on the monitors and compare them to the swings of accomplished players.

Marvin Reed