The Chuck Will Golf Academy’s state-of the-art “On Range Video Studio and Teaching Facility” is located on the tee line at Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park.

Private lessons are 50 minutes long with “Swing View Pro” golf training software, VC Swing Caddie 300i launch monitor for flight data and SwingByte2 for impact analysis. Also, includes “Swing View Pro Student” software with swings, notes and practice assignments. Lessons are typically scheduled 1-2 weeks apart and are available individually or in packages.

What to expect during your first private golf lesson in the “On-Range Video Studio”:

  • Complete “Student Profile Form” to get background information on you and the status of your game.
  • Warm up, then hit a series of shots with a mid-iron (6 or 7 iron). The shots are captured simultaneously with front and down the line cameras.
  • Critique of your swing with the instructor using “Swing View Pro” golf training software to establish a starting swing baseline. It is important to identify and corrections that need to be made as well as what to leave alone.
  • Begin making corrections and understanding how they will feel in the swing and affect the swing ball flight.
  • Use of drills and training aids to reinforce changes.
  • Swing Watch Live” allows students to view rehearsal swings on a floor monitor to reinforce a swing change or position.
  • Parallel Training is the final step as the swing becomes more consistent. Short game, putting and scoring techniques are introduced to help narrow the gap between a good round and a bad one.
  • Swing View Pro Student” version comes with swings, notes and practice assignments to review between lessons. (Bring a USB Drive 16GB+)
  • We stress that all students are able to assess their ball flight and know in their own swing the particular corrections or adjustments needed to be made.
  • Additional drills and instructional videos can be found on