Club Fitting

What can I expect during a typical clubfitting session?

We start with a Customer Profile Form and evaluation of your current equipment. The fitting session typically occurs in the following order: Irons, Wedges, Fairway(s), Hybrids(s) and Driver. The Mizuno PFS system helps us select shafts for the irons. Static measurements, height, wrist to floor, etc. are taken prior to testing different manufacturers clubs. The lie angle is checked with a combination of lie board (tape), ball flight and video analysis. Once the club head, shaft, length and lie are determined, the grip type is selected and sized. Wedges are fit to your swing type, “Slider” vs. “Digger” (bounce) and distance gaps (lofts) and typical playing conditions. Fairway and hybrid lofts are spaced to fill all distance gaps between your longest iron and driver. Launch monitor data (spin, launch angle, clubhead speed, ball speed and smash factor) gives us the data needed for the longest and most accurate driver for you!!