Grip Essentials

Forming the correct hold on the club is the basis for all good swings!

Stop the Flip

How to stop flipping at impact and achieve solid impact!

Distance from the Ball

What is the right distance from the ball at address. How to achieve this each time with this simple routine.

Hybrids (Contact)

How to make the best contact with hybrids. Do you hit like an iron or fairway wood?

Shank Corrections

Learn the most common causes of the dreaded SHANK and some easy corrections!

Building the Swing – Part One

Body pivot motion is the first step to a sound swing motion.

Building the Swing – Part Two

Combing the body motion and arm swing.

Building the Swing – Part Three

Taking you through the final phase to complete the swing.

Backswing Width

Losing the width in the backswing is a common problem that causes loss of distance as well as too steep of a downswing plane. Learn simple corrections for improving your swing.

Determining Proper Set Makeup

Our pros show you how to determine the proper golf club set makeup and why it is so important!

Syncing the Swing

Learn how to sync your arms, club and body for consistent ball contact.

Common Clubfitting Misconceptions

Our pros show you some of the most common custom clubfitting misconceptions and why custom clubs will always benefit your game!